Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All You Need Is A Hat!

The title says it all, the only thing Biff needs is his block M hat! I'm hoping to be finished by the end of the weekend, most of the hat is just big solid blocks of blue or yellow stitches, so it won't take too much counting, just a little tedious. I can't wait until he is finished so I can take him to be matted and framed.

I wanted to share this video that I saw posted on the blog, Purple Peacock. It's about the Royal School of Embroidery in England, and it's really cool. I would love to go and take a tour and take part in a class!

Thanks for stopping by! Nick

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  1. That is a great design and can't wait to see it with the hat. I may have to go looking for the pattern - my son is still waiting to hear from U of M - has been wait listed until July. That's driving him crazy, but I should find some patterns just in case all works out.