Sunday, June 27, 2010

I think I forgot how to stitch...

Geeze, it's been so long since I've stitched, I think I might have just forgotten how to! lol Work has absolutely consumed my life this week. I'm used to the 36-40 hr weeks of working until 1-2 AM but this week has been something completely different. I've already worked almost 42 hours this week (still have a 9.5 hr shift to work tonight), including a 14.5 hr day yesterday, which was supposed to be my day off. It's soooo tiring now, but it will be worth it when payday rolls around, especially that 11+ hours of overtime! Apparently, and I'm not tooting my own horn here, this is what I have been told, I am one of the best workers they have hired in a while, that's why they always ask me to come in early, on my days off or stay late. Even though I have only been there for a little less than a month and a 1/2, they are talking about starting to have me train to be a manager!

Like I said, that has left no time for stitching. It seems like when I'm not at work I'm sleeping, and vice versa. I did find time (where I found it, I'd like to know because I need some more! lol) to make a trip to JoAnnes, where I found yet another kit. If only I could find the finishes to the kits I already have as easily! Since receiving the Suzy's Zoo Train Birth Announcement kit, I have been a little on the fence about it. I had purchased the kit with the intention of stitching it for my best friend's daughter, who was born at the end of December, but it's just not as girly as what I really wanted. Well, this is the kit I found at JoAnnes and I think it fits the bill perfectly!

It's another kit by Dimensions (I swear they don't sponsor me and I don't own stock lol) and as soon as I saw it, I knew I would end up stitching this birth record instead of the Suzy's Zoo one. I haven't even had time to think about starting it, but I'm hoping to change that this week, even though another new start is just what I need, not. If all goes as planned, I have Tuesday AND Wednesday off! That should certainly open up some stitching time and for framing Hot Stuff, nope I didn't forget about that being on my to-do list! ;-)

Also sadly this week I suffered a little loss. After 6 wonderful years of game day service my beloved 8' inflatable Michigan Wolverine died. :-( He let the neighborhood know every Saturday that this house was Wolverine territory. He was packed away at the end of last November in a rush because of the incoming winter weather, so I had planned to inflate him, wash him, let him sit out and dry since it was a very hot summer day and then pack him away. When I plugged him in though the lights came on and the motor started running but the fan wasn't working. Unscrewed the motor/fan cover and sure enough, the fan had died. Unfortunately the motor is mounted to the top of the fan, which is mounted to the base, so it can't really be replaced. I have been able to track another Wolverine down, like I said I have had him for 6 years, and they no longer make them so I would have been upset if I couldn't get another one. He is made by the same company that makes all the Christmas & Halloween inflatables like the Grinch, Snoopy characters, the carousels and stuff, that you see in people's yards. Here is a picture of him this past fall...

100_2826.jpg M GO BLUE Thanksgiving! picture by luvin_u2much

Hopefully I will be able to catch up with what everyone else is up to soon! Have a great day & thanks for stopping by! Nick


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the Wolverine's fan stopping. :(

    However, I do sincerely hope that this helps. :)

    Let's go Blue! Let's go Blue!

  2. OOPS! , I posted the wrong link! My apologies!

  3. Awwww thats so sad. I'm glad you found another one!!! That new project you picked is adorable! And awesome with you job i'm glad it's going good for you! Hope you find some stitching time this week!!!

  4. Your Wolverine is so cool, I'm glad you found another one!
    All that overtime you've been doing is headed my way. One of our coworkers quit and he was doing a lot of the summer replacement. Looks like we'll be pulling doubles now. Don't you find that's when you want to stitch the most?

  5. You've made some great progress on your WIP's since my last visit & I love the dinky little SM piece. Good Luck at work - hope they give you the training. :0)