Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Hot Progress

Last night my needle sure was smokin'! I managed to finish the 2nd mouse, 2 of the peppers and some of the foreground on Hot Stuff. All that is left is the biggest pepper and a little bit of the foreground, so my next update on Hot Stuff should be a finish!

Hott Stuff last update, and's almost finished!

I'm taking my younger sister to pick up her Eclipse movie tickets tonight and since Hobby Lobby is up the street from the theater I think I will stop by to pick up the colors I need to stitch June's SanMan calendar. I can also look for a red frame to put Hot Stuff in when it's done.

On a much sadder note Rue McClanahan, known for her role as Blanch Devereaux on Golden Girls, died last nite of a massive stroke. :-( I am a huge fan of the Golden Girls, in fact I watched two episodes last night on the Hallmark Channel before going to bed. She will be missed, and the next time I have a piece of cheesecake, it will be in her memory!

Hope everyone is having a good week, TGIF tomorrow! lol Thanks for stopping by! Nick


  1. hot stuff is really looking hot! I love it.... hey, are you interested in selling the pattern when you are finished? I looked for an email address, but didn't see one.
    On my blog, if you click on more profile info, mine is there, you can answer there!

  2. Great job on Hot Stuff! It is really a fun pattern! I didn't hear about Rue - so sad.... I'll eat some cheesecake, too!

  3. Your Hot Stuff is coming along nicely.
    I stitched one Mouse House design which is the chocolate one, where one mouse is pouring chocolate from a pump bottle into the other mouse's mouth, too cute. I stitched it for my Mum and she has it framed on the wall in her hallway. She is a mad chocolate lover.
    Happy Stitching LISA V.

  4. You're making great progress on Hot Stuff. That is just the cutest design. I heard about Rue this morning and was so sad. I just loved her character on Golden Girls!

  5. Your needles were smoking is right! It looks fantastic and a red frame will be perfect.
    I'm a big fan of the Golden Girls as well as was saddened to hear about Rue.