Friday, March 4, 2011

The 6 Days of Christmas

After finishing Creepy, Lizzie Kate's Boo Club is halfway done - 6 blocks down, 6 more to go! After stitching the grass on the sides of the tree and the orange blocks under the word, I realized that everything was a row off, so I had to frog that stuff and re-stitch it a row down. I added the "RIP" to the headstone because I thought it looked a little empty. Once all the blocks are done and I add the buttons the owl will get his eyes. lol

I actually took these pictures Tuesday, but I can't seem to find the cord to upload the pictures to computer, so I had to wait until I could go to my dad's house and use his computer, since it has a memory card port on tower. Since Tuesday I've extended the black and white checkered border and yellow inside border down to Creepy. I also started the next block, Pumpkin, so I should finish that up over the weekend.

Boo Club Block #6 - Creepy

While looking for a pattern I came across this unfinished piece that I started about a year and a half ago. It's Prairie Schooler's "The Twelve Days of Christmas". It's charted to be stitched as 2 rows with 6 blocks in each, but I thought it would be cool to stitch it as one long row. The first 6 days are (almost) done. I would like to finish the last 6 days and get it matted and framed by Christmas.

Prairie Schooler's "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

Hope everyone has a great weekend & thanks for stopping by! Nick


  1. Great progress on your WIP. Love the PS Christmas designs... that one will be very pretty when finished.

  2. Great progress on the LK. The PS is fabulous, I really like how you've adapted it to one long row

  3. Good progress. That will look really pretty as one long row!

  4. Beautiful stitching, Nick! Your Boo Club is zooming right along! I love your 12 Days so much! I sure wish that design wasn't out of print!

  5. I'm enjoying your Boo Club stitch very much. I love Halloween designs and this one is great.
    The 12 Days design is wonderful! Whatever made you put it down?