Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's been a very busy week since my last post but I have managed some stitching time. I finished the Pumpkin block of Boo Club and worked some more on Biff.

Once all the blocks are done I will add the buttons, so the pumpkin will get his eyes eventually. The next block is one of my favorite, "Fright" with a haunted house.

Biff is really starting to come along. I finished the left side of his face and started filling in his nose. I'm hoping to finish off his nose and mouth tomorrow while watching some more NCAA tournament games since I have the day off. Michigan plays in the afternoon against Tennessee. GO BLUE!

Last week a seller on eBay listed several prototype and archive sample Annette Funicello bears. There were several I bid on but I only won this one set. These 3 mohair bears are archive samples, but I don't believe they were ever produced. They don't have names, style numbers or edition numbers. Each one is wearing a lace apron with a little corked bottle on a beaded chain around their neck. They are very detailed, the aprons are hung over their shoulders and tied in the back with the same ribbon as the bows on their heads, and are also attached in the back with the little rosettes. My favorite part is the shaved muzzles and matching colored noses and suede paw pads. After I won this set the seller listed some more prototypes and samples including this set in gold, cream & grey.

Hope everyone has a good weekend & thanks for stopping by! Nick


  1. You've been very busy since my last visit. Love those cute bears. Lots of great stitching too. :0)

  2. Great work on your WIP! I love your bears too. They're adorable!