Thursday, May 13, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

Boy, when it rains, it pours, and I mean that both figuratively and literally. Monday I was called about a job I had applied for the week before, they called and asked if I could be there in a half hour for an interview. The good news is I got the job, the bad news (because it seems the two go hand in hand, right? lol) is that on the way to the interview my front passenger side tire blew out as I was getting on the highway. Luckily I was only a mile or so from home so my dad brought his car to me, so I could get to my interview on time, while he changed the tire. Tuesday I was supposed to go in to sign my paperwork and start orientation and I was going to take Baby since I hadn't gotten the tire on my other car fixed yet. The tire place was closed when the tire blew and I had to be to my orientation at 10 the next morning. Well as I was going to leave, Baby wouldn't start! Her battery was dead. I think the week before when I had taken her out of the charge to clean her the spoiler wasn't completely down and it drained the battery since the spoiler kept running (it isn't a permanent spoiler, it's electric and automatically goes up and down when you reach a certain speed, or can be manually put up and down). Luckily my best friend lives up the street so she came and picked me up and dropped me off. When I was done with my orientation I took my car with the spare tire to the tire place. As my luck would have it they didn't have any matching used tires and the brand & make of the 3 remaining tires on the car are no longer made, but they did have a tire that was close, so I bought it. Probably 10 minutes later they come to tell me they can't put the tire on. Apparently the reason my other tire blew was that a spring behind the tire had broken, caught the tire and ripped through it. So they couldn't put the new tire on because it would do the same thing. They said if they could get a used part, which apparently they have had trouble doing lately, to fix the problem it would cost about $250. This is on top of the $110 I had just paid for the tire. I didn't even ask what it would cost for a new part, I was too afraid to ask, plus I dodn't really need it fixed right away! lol Luckily Baby just needed a jump, and is working just fine now. I started work the next day, Wednesday and also worked yesterday but have today off. Today has been about the only decent day we have had this week. Its been grey, cold and rainy since last weekend! I guess we got Spring in reverse, warm and dry at first, cold and rain now. I am having a good ending to the week though, one of my best friends who now lives out of state came home for her dad's birthday this weekend so I got to see her and we had lunch today.

My Suzy's Zoo Birth Announcement kit did come Monday, though I haven't even opened it up to look at it. Thats about as close to cross stitching as I have been since my last update, haven't even thought about picking up and working on any projects.

Hope everyone else's weeks have been filled with slightly better luck, and your a trooper if you read this far! lol Nick


  1. Well ratty rats Nick!! Car trouble sure is the pits! Congrats on the job though! Hopefully you have better luck on the job than you did getting there at first! Suzy's Zoo is such a cute bunch of characters. Hope you get to work on it soon. We've had the same kind of weather here. We even had a couple of tornados in the area yesterday morning. We are to have rain up until sometime next week! So much for hubby getting the yard mowed! LOL!

  2. Omg you poor poor thing. *hugs* I hate weeks like that... but on the positive side you found a job!!!! My bf and I are still searching it's horrible! Are you liking the job so far?

  3. What are the odds that both vehicles would have problems when you need them so badly? Thank goodness your Dad and BF were available to bail you out! But at least there was a reward with your new job. Congratulations!
    Hope it is going well for you. With any luck you'll have more time for stitching soon.

  4. Congratulations on the new job, Nick! I hope you can get the tires sorted out and it doesn't cost too much!

  5. Sorry to hear about your cars. It's always so expensive whenever one breaks down! :(

    Congrats on the new job, though! That's awesome!