Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Not much new in terms of stitching, I'm about 1/2 finished with March's SanMan blackwork pattern. I would have had it done by now but every time I've gone to stitch I've gotten sidetracked with something else! I have also spent most of the past couple days hanging out with friends, enjoying the wonderful weather. It has cooled down, and it rained early yesterday, but still some very Spring like weather, and anything is better than snow! lol Along with the U of M, I may also have to add the Butler Bulldogs to my favorite teams, they beat Michigan State in the final four yesterday evening! One of my best friends, who I hate to admit, is a State fan, and she had a party @ her house to watch the games. I loved ragging on her when they lost! :-) lol

Hope the Easter bunny was good to everyone! Nick

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  1. Happy Easter, Nick! At least it was a beautiful day in Michigan today!