Thursday, April 1, 2010

No April Showers Here

Happy April 1st everyone - it's hard to believe 1/4 of the year has passed already! To celebrate the first day of April, and just in time for Easter, I finished the SanMan 2010 Calendar piece for April, a cute chocolate bunny! I finished the bunny this afternoon while sitting on the porch swing.

SanMan 2010 Calendar - April

Poor blind bunny, the eyes are supposed to be French knots. Well, I can not make a good French knot to save my life so I will put two Mill Hill seed beads there. I totally forgot to do so before I took the pic. EDIT: I also just realized I forgot to backstitch the whiskers! Yikes, this poor bunny! lol

All 4 months released so far.

It was an amazing day here today, its been in the low 70s the past two days, so I have just been sitting around outside soaking up the sun. I wish I could take Baby out for a ride in such nice weather but she still needs her oil changed and everything before she's ready for the road. The problem is the Chrysler dealer requires any mechanic that works on a Crossfire to be specially certified to do so, and the dealer only has 1 such certified mechanic. So it's tough to get an appointment not only when he is scheduled to work, but to find a time when I can get over there and they have an opening! My mom had to call earlier to rub it in that when she left work for lunch and to run a few errands, she did so in her car with the top down. lol

I haven't done any other stitching since finishing the candy cane Piglet ornament. The SanMan blackwork pattern for March was also released so that will be my next start. Here is a pic of the first two for January & February. The snowmen are blind for the same reason as the bunny! lol

Hope everyone else is enjoying their week so far, and thanks for stopping by! Nick


  1. Glad that you spotted what you left out before you finished it! It's very nice! Practice makes perfect on those french knots. Try them on a scrap piece of fabric. It took me ages to get them straight.

    And isn't this weather wonderful? It's not too often you see this kind of weather in Michigan so early in the year! I think the least your mom could do for you is take you for a ride with the top down!

  2. Very nice stitching Nick! I know what you are talking about with the mechanic. It's so hard when you just HAVE to use a specific one. Seems like it takes forever to get in. Enjoy the weather and hope you have a great Easter!

  3. We are having the same weather here right now. Record-breaking temps. I guess it's time I took off my snow tires now, lol!
    I love your blackwork pieces. I haven't tried any blackwork yet. Too much like backstitching to me which I really dislike doing.

  4. Love the cute bunny & those blackwork pieces are lovely. Hope the mechanic has a vacant slot soon. :0)