Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Land Of Liberty

Boy am I glad it's the start of a new week, last week just seemed like one road block after another so hopefully this week is better! Didn't really get to do any stitching last week, a combination of lots of things going on and not really having any desire to stitch.

This weekend I did work on Hot Stuff. I had finished the marshmallow last week and this weekend I backstitch it, and started some of the peppers and one of the mice.

While doing some cleaning I found a stash of unfinished projects. I worked a little bit on one of them, a Precious Moments piece called God Shed His Grace On Thee. I started this piece last spring/summer but haven't worked on it since then. The only thing added this weekend was filling in some of the stars on the bottom of the dress. For some reason all of the pics came out with the aida looking white, its actually a light baby blue.

The chart is based on a Precious Moments figurine with the same name released after September 11th. I have the figurine and wanted to stitch the pattern to go with. The pattern is actually a reverse of the figurine, if the figurine faces left like the pattern the flag is in front of her face instead of behind her. The stars on the dress are alot more subtle on the figurine as well. The pattern is in leaflet PM51 - Sweet Land of Liberty by Gloria & Pat, now I just need to finish it! lol

Hope everyone had a good weekend & thanks for visiting! Nick


  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way of stitching time, doesn't it? You're making progress though and that's what counts!

  2. Life gets like that sometimes, so it's good to grab some quiet moment's for stitching. Good progress on HS. The PM piece is very pretty. :0)