Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogging from the backyard...

It's such a wonderful day here in Michigan! The snow is gone, the sun is out and the last time I saw the thermometer it said 63! Too bad they're saying snow/rain mix this weekend, I thought Spring was here to stay! That doesn't mean I can't enjoy it now though, so this post is being written while I sit on the swing in our backyard.

I worked some on Wash Line Blues yesterday, no picture though, didn't really get a whole lot stitched. I am kind of in the mood to start something new, something bright and colorful, but really should avoid the temptation! lol I have enough unfinished projects.

I started a Flickr album of some of my finishes, most are ones that have been posted here on my blog, but I am hoping to add and update it. So if you would like to see, here ya go.

I have enjoyed taking a peak at all of the wonderful stitching blogs out there. Every blog I come across I see something that I would love to stitch. Thank you to everyone that shares their wonderful finishes and projects, I'll never be without something that I want to stitch now! lol

Thanks for looking, hope you got to enjoy your day as much as I have! Nick


  1. Hi Nick

    Welcome to blogland! It's great to see another guy who enjoys cross-stitch.

    Come visit my blog and check out my charts blog too - you may find something you like there.

    Happy stitching

  2. Your Sanman banner is looking great. Thanks for showing pictures of Baby, I hope you get to take her out soon.

  3. Oooo I envy you the sun & temperature. It's getting a little warmer here in the UK... but not enough to sit out yet. :0)