Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Signs of Spring

I got a little more of the quilt done on Wash Line Blues Sunday evening, couldn't escape those blue 1/2 stitches though! lol At least they were a different color and only used 2 strands rather than 6. I can't wait to put some of the backstitching in to give the quilt more detail and help show the difference between the subtle color changes.

Spring is certainly on it's way here in Michigan. The sun is shining and I heard some bird chirping outside this morning. Now we just need the temperature to get up a little more. lol Its only been in the high 40s the past couple days but it's nice to see the sun, and the best part - no snow!! The nice weather has also put me in the mood for a spring project, I have my eye on the new Prairie Schooler Signs of Spring leaflet. For now I think I will start on their new "Peep" chick freebie.

Hope everyone has a great day & thanks for visiting! Nick


  1. Blogger isn't showing your picture but if you click on the X you can see it.

    Lovely progress! I'm thinking you have a LOT of blue stitches to go!

  2. Happy spring! Here it has come yet, it's something like 68°F at midday and the sun is shining... :P

    Nice progress! :)

  3. You've made great progress on this! I just love the color blue. I think that definitely spring is here in Michigan - at least we haven't had any snow! And I do see some flowers starting to pop up! Always a good thing.

  4. I'm vacationing in Florida right now with my sister from Livonia, Michigan. She loved hearing about the weather back home.
    Love your stitching!

  5. Great progress on this since my last visit. It's looking great. :0)