Sunday, March 7, 2010

First post for a first time blogger...

This is my first time writing a post for a blog. I guess I will start out with a little intro to myself.

My name is Nick, I am 20 years old and enjoy hanging o
ut with my friends, watching football (esp college, my favorite team being the U of M, hence my name, M GO BLUE Stitcher) shopping, cross stitching and many other things. I know, cross stitching isn't usually on the long list of things most 20 year old guys enjoy, but hey, I guess Im not your typical 20 year old guy! lol

I started this blog to share my love of cross-stitch and to keep a journal of my progress & finishes. My mom taught me to cross stitch when I was young and I have always enjoyed it. Recently, within the last year and a half, I have really gotten into it after discovering a whole world of cross stitch themed blogs. I figured, hey, its about time I start my own! Now on to some stitching...

My latest finish is this flip-its set from Lizzie Kate depicting the months of the year. This is one of the first projects I saw when I first started reading cross stitch blogs and fell in love with it. In January I found the set of patterns 50% off and thought, no better time than the present! I started January on January 16th and finished December on February 5th. Here it is before I attached the buttons and had it framed...

"Bit of..." by Lizzie Kate
Started 01/16/10
Finished 02/05/10
Recommended DMC on 14 ct. Aida

I got the piece back from being framed on Friday but don't have a picture of it yet, maybe that can be the next post. lol

Currently I am working on a Dimensions kit called "Singin' the Wash Line Blues". The kit was on sale @ Jo-Anns and after looking at it the last few times I was there I decided to get it. Its mostly 1/2 stitches using various strands of thread to create the light effects. Here is a pic of the kit, which doesn't even come close to showing the true brightness of the colors, esp of the blues...

Singin the Wash Line Blues - Cross Stitch Kit

Well, that was a much longer post than I intended, but thank you for checking out my blog!



  1. Welcome to blogland Nick! It looks like you will fit right in!

    Your Lizzie*Kate looks awesome. I can't believe how fast you stitched it! Do you have any pics of your new work in progress to share? I'd love to see it!

  2. Hey Nick, welcome to blogland.In some countries it is only the men who are allowed to do stitching. Cheers Karen in Australia

  3. HI Nick and welcome to the world of blogging. Most of us are just like you and we starting the whole blog thing to see what others are doing, compare techniques, share knowledge, learn about patterns and shops and really just enjoy the cross stitch community. Good like and love your framed finish.

  4. Welcome to the land of blogging Nick! Lots of info and enabling here. You'll meet the nicest people. Love your LK finish! I've just got to have "Wash Line Blues". Running to my Joanne's in the morning to see if it's there.