Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Man, this week flew by, don't know where the last couple days went! lol Thank you everyone for the comments on my Prairie Schooler July piece, I hope to get it framed soon. I spent some time Tuesday taking a look through all of the blogs of those who commented and I have discovered way too many patterns I would like to stitch! lol

Haven't done much in the way of stitching since my last post. I didn't work on Wash Line Blues, but I did start a new project, no actual stitching, just pre-finishing the fabric for it into a bell pull. I found a cool set of little patterns on the SanMan Originals message board, one for each month of the year, to stitch on it.

I thought I would take the chance to comment on a few comments on my other posts...

The designer of Singin' the Wash Line Blues is Adele Earnshaw and is a Dimensions kit.

I am very happy to meet a couple fellow Wolverine fans! I just found an old leaflet with charts of the U of M seal, wolverine & block M and a sampler of Burton Tower that are just calling for me to stitch. lol

I also wanted to introduce everyone to my car, Baby, that I talked about in my last post. She is a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Ltd Coupe. She's stored in the garage for winter, but hopefully if the weather stays the way it has been this week, she can come out soon!

I hope to get a chance to work on Wash Line Blues and start my SanMan piece but we will see, I am meeting up with my Aunt & cousin out of town tomorrow and having lunch with a friend for her birthday Sunday. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!

Thanks for reading! Nick


  1. Baby is gorgeous! It has been really nice outside this week. If you want I can mail you my Pooh Map.... I got frustrated with the backstitching if you'd like to finish it you can by all means have it. I doubt i'll ever get around to backstitching it. I'm also a super huge fan of Disney. So much so no one will play any Disney trivia games with me cuz I always kick everyones butt! Well hope it stays nice in your part of Michigan so you can take Baby out soon. It's been raining here today.

  2. That is one super slick car Nick! I have a bellpull that I would like to work on soon as well. I pretty much just need to get the linen for it. You mentioned that Wash Line Blues was a kit, I think that I have seen that one before. I was wondering , do you stitch with any overdyed flosses? If you haven't tried them, I know you'd like them.

  3. Love the orange interior of your car!

  4. Gorgeous car! Love that interior. :)

  5. Nice car!

    Blog hopping can be hazardous to stash storage space :o)

  6. Nice car you have there! Happy week-end! :)

  7. That is one smart car Nick!
    I have just finished a SanMan design for an Easter exchange I have been in, but its not up on my blog yet as my partner hasn't received yet. Maybe in about another week or so I might be able to show everyone.
    Happy stitching LISA V.

  8. Nice car! Have a great weekend

  9. Welcome to blogland Nick and I love your "Washday Blues" piece, which is one I havent seen before.

    Cars - now I know there are different sorts, yours is the "white one" sort. I can hear you groan and my son - who is very fussy about his cars completely despairs of me lol. I drive a Daewoo Matiz, but Im told you cant call that a "car", apparently its just a small tin box on wheels but I love it so who cares.

  10. Gorgeous car!!!! That's my dream to someday have a "summer car" and a "winter car". Right now I've got a high milage year round car! LOL.

    Congrats on your praries school finish!!!!!

  11. Now that is a sweet car! :0)