Friday, March 26, 2010

Christmas in March

In my last post I talked about how I was feeling like starting a new project since Spring has been on it's way here in Michigan. Well, I did indeed start a new project, only it ended up being a Christmas in ornament! lol I am a huge Christmas person, if I could I would have the house decorated in Christmas all year long, which means when it does come time to decorate for Christmas, you better believe I go big, inside and outside! lol

Anyway, I was helping my mom "clean out" (another way of saying it started out as cleaning but ended up just being rummaging lol) an old chest of drawers that had long forgotten crafts in it. I came across a kit for this Piglet Christmas ornament. I did some searching online to see if there made matching kits with Pooh, Tigger or Eeyore and sure enough there did. The kits are by Leisure Arts and are cross stitch on plastic canvas and released sometime around 2000. They also released the 4 patterns in a Pooh Christmas projects leaflet. I was able to get the leaflet for $5 on eBay so maybe by Christmas I will have a set of Pooh & friends candy cane ornaments.

I started the ornament Tuesday night and have so far done Piglet's head and the top of the candy cane. Usually I save the backstitching for last when all the stitching is complete but for some reason I felt like backstitching as I complete parts, it makes it feel like a mini finish. lol

Piglet Candy Cane Ornament

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday & a great weekend! Thanks for reading! Nick


  1. That's a cutie. I love Pooh characters. Good to start that kind of stitching early in the year.

  2. Sweet! You can never stitch too early for Christmas

  3. LOL! Piglet looks very cute! This will make a darling Christmas ornament!

  4. Piglet is my favourite!!!! Hehehe... :)

  5. They are so cute!! My mom did those up a few years ago, adorable!!

  6. Oh I love piglet, pooh, and tigger too! Those will make darling ornaments. I am a Christmas person too - love all the decorations and hoopla.